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This weeks makaton signs

This week’s makaton is – ‘Boy’ and ‘Girl’. Click on the underlined words to link to a short clip for a demonstration. Please be patient if there is a delay in the upload of the video clip. Boy Girl


This week’s makaton signs

Rabbit    Chicken


New makaton signs

again brother school sister home sunshine

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How To…… Makaton signs

Check out the makaton signs we have been learning. These will be listed under the ‘Categories’ section. We learn 2 new signs a week, so please revisit our blog to see all our updates. Please let us know if our demonstrations are helpful! Mrs Green.


Makaton signs

Click on any of these words to see a short demonstration of the makaton sign. worry because why when which who look when listen remember toilet rain  there here no your new now snow chair sit yes mine where what think thankyou bus car horse riding drink please daddy mummy bus drink of water car

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