Larch and Kingfishers Classes

Declan’s Home Learning

Well done Declan for doing some fantastic ice-exploration and for being a super speller this week! Great home learning!


Little Larch Learning

We had a great time exploring the ice and seeing if we could make it crack! Alex said it was his favourite activity! We discussed how ice is formed and predicted how long the water would take to freeze. We also enjoyed making some jellyfish and Mrs Myers played hide and seek with us – […]


Home Learning Day 38

Freeze something in ice! You could freeze a small toy in a bowl or tray with some water and see what happens. There are some more ideas here: Talk about what happened and why water freezes and the differences between water and ice. Comment on the blog or email Mrs Aston to let us […]


Joshua’s Home Learning

Joshua has been learning about the Vietnamese Mossy Frog at home. This is really interesting, thank you for sharing it Joshua!

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Ashton’s Home Learning

Ashton has had a great time doing the egg experiment from a previous blog post. Well done Ashton, keep up the good work!

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Eric’s Home Learning Day 16

Try to make a parachute for an egg. Can you keep it safe while it floats to the ground? Which materials do you think would be best and why? We’d love to see some photos: Email them to Mrs Aston, or comment on the blog! (Top tip: hard-boiling the egg first might be a sensible […]


Eric’s Home Learning Day 13

Make some giant bubbles! Explore how to make them as big as possible and what the best mixture is. We’d love to see some photos: Email them to Mrs Aston, or comment on the blog!


Ringo’s Home Learning Day 12

Edinburgh Zoo have live webcams of some of their animals here: My favourite is the penguin cam! You could spend some time watching the different animals, then draw a picture and write a sentence about which one is your favourite animal and why. You could also research a bit more about your favourite animals […]


Eric’s Home Learning Day 11

There are lots of different foods that can be grown from the leftover scraps of other foods, e.g. potatoes and pineapple! Visit this website to find out more: Email your photos to Mrs Aston. Maybe you could keep a gardening notepad to record what you did and what is happening each day to the […]


Joshua’s Frogspawn

Look how well Joshua’s frogspawn are doing now!

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