Larch Class

This week we have been…

Making Easter nests (to help us learn about fractions in Maths) Gardening Rearranging our clay sculptures in the style of Antony Gormley Having an Easter Egg Hunt We also went on a trip to Alice Holt (see separate blog post). Phew, what a busy week! Happy Easter everyone, enjoy a well deserved rest!  


Potato competition – The Tasting!

In assembly this week, we invited three judges – Jack Titley, Miss Pimm and Mrs Clements, to decide who’s potato was the tastiest, ours or Mr Burford’s. We asked the judges to wear blindfolds to ensure it was a fair test! They voted on whether they thought ‘Potato A’ or ‘Potato B’ was the tastiest. […]


Potato Competition – Harvest time

Last week we harvested our potatoes!  Our crop of the ‘Rocket’ variety.  Our crop of ‘Picalo Star’ variety. The Rocket variety had more rough skins but produced bigger potatoes and more of them. The Picalo Star variety had waxy skins and were smaller. We were in competition with Mr Burford too. He harvested his potatoes and brought them […]


Our Potato Competition – update

Our potatoes have been busy during the Easter holidays! Photographer: Leanne Mackenzie


Our Potato Competition

We are taking part in a National Competition with the Potatoes For Schools organisation. Harry and Luke have written the following; Our Potatoes  Welcome to our passage on potatoes.  How to grow your own Potatoes Step 1.) Plant your potatoes in a hole and make sure the roots are facing down. Step 2.) Cover your […]


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