Larch Class

Home Learning Day 67

Go on a rainbow hunt! Give the children time to find as many different colours as they can find. Or give them an individual colour to find (e.g. sky – blue, it doesn’t have to be something they can hold) Take pictures of rainbow colours in nature then print them off for later to make […]


Home Learning Day 64

Show the children 


Betty’s Home Learning Day 22

Go on a scavenger hunt – in your garden or in another safe space, away from other people! Can you collect the following things (maybe in a large tub or a plastic bag): • Something wet • Something noisy • Something old • Something heavy • Something shiny • Something dry • Something quiet • […]


Our day at Dogmersfield House

Today we spent the day at Dogmersfield House near Hook. We had a walk around the grounds and played Chinese Whispers in a tree tunnel. We did a treasure hunt and found different types of flowers, leaves and minibeasts. We picked some flowers and took them to the classroom to do observational drawings. Some of […]


Potato competition – The Tasting!

In assembly this week, we invited three judges – Jack Titley, Miss Pimm and Mrs Clements, to decide who’s potato was the tastiest, ours or Mr Burford’s. We asked the judges to wear blindfolds to ensure it was a fair test! They voted on whether they thought ‘Potato A’ or ‘Potato B’ was the tastiest. […]



In the lower school this term, we have been learning about minibeasts and their habitats. We have learnt about the different habitats that various species live in and why. We have created our own minibeasts and made them into models. Eddie and Mary say “These are our minibeasts. We made them with paper maché. Our […]


Foxlease 2011

We have had our residential trip to Foxlease at Lyndhurst in the New Forest. We had a great time! We stayed with our friends from Shakespeare Junior school. We visited Longdown Activity Farm where we fed calves and lambs and had a tractor ride. In the evenings we had a go at Archery and a […]

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Pond Dipping

Leanne says “We looked at what was in our school pond. We looked at some water that came from the middle of the pond and some water that had come from the edge of the pond. We found tadpoles, a newt, and pond snails.” Leanne investigating the pond water. Pond water from the edge of […]


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