Larch and Kingfishers Classes

Ringo’s Home Learning Day 31

Using lego/building blocks, challenge each member of your family to try and make the tallest tower. Who used the most bricks? The least bricks? Whose was the strongest tower and why? Can you measure how tall the different towers are? Take some photos and email them to Mrs Aston or comment on the blog.


Eric’s Home Learning Day 18

Make playdough using this recipe or one of your own: Have fun playing with the playdough that you have made. Playdough is also great for exploring fractions, e.g. dividing it into halves, quarters or thirds. You could also make caterpillars to explore measurement – who has the heaviest caterpillar? The longest caterpillar? Can you […]


Betty’s Home Learning Day 7

Have a paper aeroplane challenge! Try to make a symmetrical paper aeroplane, where both sides are exactly the same. Challenge someone else in your family to make one too. Then fly your paper aeroplanes, and measure how far they went using a tape measure. You could repeat this three times each and work out the […]


Joshua’s snow day

Well done Joshua for doing some great school work during the snow days! You look like you had a great time!  


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