Larch and Kingfishers Classes

Home Learning Days 51-55

This week is National Sports Week. You will have already received information about this on the Friday flyer and this week’s blog tasks are all going to be related to this. You can either complete the suggested activities here or complete one of your own from the information sent out on the Friday flyer. These […]


Home Learning Day 49

Give your child a colour swatch – this could be a piece of material, a paint sample or a crayon for example. Encourage them to go outside and collect as many things as they can that are a similar colour. Discuss why some colours may be easier to find than others. Email Mrs Aston with […]


Home Learning Day 48

Draw a picture of what you would like to be when you’re older, and write some sentences about it.


Home Learning Day 46

Make a self portrait using natural materials (e.g. sticks, leaves, flowers). You could make a frame out of sticks too. Idea from You could email Mrs Aston or comment on the blog to let us know how you got on!


Home Learning Days 41-45

Something a bit different this week… the RDA South region are running a competition during the Summer term, and there are 5 separate parts to it. The best entries from each class will be used for a Lockdown Edition of their Regional Magazine next year. If you would like to enter, email me your entries […]


Declan’s Home Learning

Well done Declan for doing some fantastic ice-exploration and for being a super speller this week! Great home learning!


Home Learning Day 39

Add sound effects to a favourite story. You could have a specific sound or song for each main character as they appear in the story. You could have a sound effect each time a cue word is used e.g. “magic” etc. You could use sound effects from the internet, instruments, vocal sounds or environmental/household objects. […]


Home Learning Day 38

Freeze something in ice! You could freeze a small toy in a bowl or tray with some water and see what happens. There are some more ideas here: Talk about what happened and why water freezes and the differences between water and ice. Comment on the blog or email Mrs Aston to let us […]


Home learning Task Day 36

Make your own musical instrument! It could be a guitar using elastic bands and an old box of tissues, or a shaker using an old yoghurt pot and some rice. Decorate your instrument and use it to play along to your favourite piece of music! We’d love to see photos and videos – email Mrs […]


Adam’s Home Learning

Adam has been very busy converting his go-kart into a truck, all by himself! Wow, well done Adam! He has also been doing lots of Education City homework. Fantastic work!

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