Larch and Kingfishers Classes

Eric’s Home Learning Day 34

Eric has been baking cakes and wants to decorate them. Each cake can have a yellow smartie, a blue smartie or a green smartie. Using three smarties on each cake, how many different combinations of smarties could he have to decorate the cakes? E.g. one cake could have all blue smarties, one could have a […]


Eric’s Home Learning Day 32

Record different sounds around the house for example your pet, dishwasher, hairdryer then play the recordings for your child and ask them to identify the sound. They could also record some sounds for you to try and guess! Email Mrs Aston or comment on the blog for how you got on. What sound do you […]


Eric’s Home Learning Day 28

Do something kind for someone else. You could help do some washing or lay the table, make and send a card for someone who may be feeling poorly or anxious, or say some kind things. You could also start up a gratitude diary, and write down three things each day which you are grateful for.


Eric, Betty and Ringo’s Home Learning Day 25 (for tomorrow!)

Celebrate VE day! You could have a tea party with some red, white and blue bunting and find out what it was like to live through the first world war. See the list of ideas that have been sent out by school. Ringo, Betty and Eric enjoyed their special tea party to celebrate! We’d love […]


Eric’s Home Learning Day 24

Make some shapes using string! These could be as big or as small as your like. How many different shapes can you make? Can you write labels for the shapes you have made? Can you talk about their properties, e.g. how many edges, vertices (corners) they have? Can you talk about the angles they have […]


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