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Measures homework

Molly’s Mum emailed in these great photos of Molly doing some measuring at home – well done Molly!

‘We made pancakes on Saturday morning. Molly measured out in our scales 100g of plain flour and a sprinkle of salt, 300 ml milk in a measuring jug and mixed 2 eggs together to make the mixture. Molly poured her mixture into the frying pan & enjoyed her pancake with lemon & caster sugar!’


Joshua’s snow day

Well done Joshua for doing some great school work during the snow days! You look like you had a great time!



Snow day activities

As the school is closed today, please can you complete the following activities:

1. Draw some fractions in the snow or make some out of natural materials. Take a photo and email me!

2. Do some baking. Practise your measuring skills and read the scales on a jug or a set of scales.

3. Write some sentences about what you have done today.

4. Read your school reading book and practise handwriting and spellings.


Pancake Party!

All this week we have been learning about fractions, and today we used this knowledge to good effect when we had our pancake party!

We had to work out how many ingredients for the pancakes, and say how we wanted our pancake cut up, e.g. into halves or thirds.

We also practised some different pancake activities in our maths books, recognising some fractions and choosing some toppings.

Ashton told us: ‘Mrs Vernon-Smith is the best pancake maker because they’re the yummiest pancakes of all!’ Thank you Mrs Vernon-Smith and all the parents who came to help too!

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Making bread

In English we have been learning how to write instructions. Firstly, we looked at sets of instructions and identified their key features. We learnt about imperative verbs and the importance of numbering our instructions. Then we followed a set of instructions to make a paper hat. Next, we wrote and followed some instructions for making slime! Finally, we wrote some instructions for making bread. We checked that our instructions were correct when we made our bread; some pupils realised they had missed out the equipment or one of the important stages in our instructions. We all were successful in making bread and enjoyed tasting it.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Yesterday morning we had a Christmas craft morning for of our class treat. We were really grateful to the parents that came to help us. We had a great time making snow globes, Christmas tree decorations, puppets and salt dough models. We also made some reindeer and snowmen last week. Have a wonderful Christmas!


Winchester Special Celebration

We always look forward to the special celebration each year, as it is a great chance to join with other schools and celebrate the Christmas story in the beautiful Winchester Cathedral. All the pupils made us very proud and performed their parts brilliantly. A special well done to Joshua, who did a fantastic reading.


A Special Visitor at Horse-riding

We love going in groups each week to horse-riding, and this week was extra special as Father Christmas came to visit! He was very generous and everyone got a present each. Thank you Father Christmas!


Visit to Durleigh Marsh Farm

‘We went to the farm on the minibus. It was a long ride. We saw the squash. It was very fun’. Aidan

‘The man was driving’. Joe

‘My favourite bit was when we ate lots of raspberries. We picked them and then we ate them. Alison told us that there were still raspberries because it had been nice and warm’. Taylor

‘I liked it and it was a good trip. My favourite bit was when I picked a carrot’. Charlie

‘My favourite bit was when they talked about my favourite pudding, rhubarb’. Joshua

‘We picked the carrots. We put them in the bag to take back to school’. Alex

‘I liked picking the carrots. We’re going to make carrot cake and carrot soup’. Christopher

‘I saw a bunny. It was hopping and running. The shop was very nice’. Kye

‘I liked eating the raspberries. We found some sweetcorn and Alison put them in a bag to feed to her chickens’. Molly

‘I liked it when we picked carrots’. Adam

What a wonderful morning! We had a brilliant time at the farm and were surprised to see how much was still growing! Thank you Alison for taking us round! Here are some photos. Mrs Aston.

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Fruity fractions!

In  maths this week we have been learning to recognise different fractions. We used our knowledge of fractions to design a fruit kebab and on Thursday we got to make (and eat) them! We had to decide what fractions we were going to cut our fruit into and then follow our design to make our kebabs. They were delicious!


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