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The Boy in the Dress

We have had such a great time in English listening to the story of The Boy in the Dress by David Walliams. We chose who we thought were the ten main characters and decided the key events, and then made our own film! The movie is unfortunately too big to upload onto the blog but we will put it into Teams for you all to enjoy!


Larch Learning week beginning 16th October

This week in Larch class we have been learning about the Ancient Greeks in our history lessons, and reenacted the Battle of Marathon (watch our video in Teams!) Last week we learnt all about healthy bodies, and tried to estimate how much a portion of cereal should be!

In English we have finished the story of The Boy in the Dress and watched the TV version. We are going to be summarising the story and discussing key events.

In Maths we have been thinking about addition, subtraction and money! Please practise coin recognition with your children as much as possible, as this will really help them with their maths learning.

We have also been learning a new Makaton sign every week, and it would be great if you could practise these signs at home too. This can be found in our Larch class teams – files – home learning – Makaton. Ask if you need help finding it.

We’ve been really impressed with the quality of homework coming in – keep it coming 🙂


This week’s learning

This week in Maths we have been learning to use tens frames. These are a great way to work out addition and subtraction and our number bonds. We have also been using them to find ‘families of four’ and representing our calculations using part-part-whole models.

Miss Hawkins also worked really hard over the holiday to get some fantastic fine and gross motor activities ready for us, to help us with our handwriting. We have really enjoyed using these this week and have been doing some great writing.

Our new English book is ‘The boy in a dress’ by David Walliams. We have read the first two chapters and think that it’s a really funny book! We have been thinking about why David Walliams has chosen the words that he has used, and what they mean.

In Music this week we have been learning to join in with different songs and play our percussion instruments quietly and with control.

In circle time we have been talking about how we are feeling, and have discussed the new lockdown and what this means.

We also had a couple of lovely visits from Mrs Vernon-Smith this week, and are looking forward to her next visit!


Autumn 1

We had a great half-term in Larch class. We have really enjoyed our learning and made some great progress. Here are some photos of what we’ve been up to!


Welcome Back!

It’s been so fantastic to see all the children back after the Summer and we have also enjoyed welcoming a new pupil to Larch too!

Last week we worked hard on counting in Maths. In English we listened to a new story Jim and the Beanstalk by Raymond Briggs, and compared this with Jack and the Beanstalk. We made predictions about the story based on what we had already read.

We also enjoyed a Science week last week. Each week we’re going to be focussing on a different science topic. In Science we learnt all about plants, and we planted some lettuce for our new snails, which we have called Winnie and Willie!

We learnt the Makaton sign for ‘learn’


Home Learning Day 70

Today will be the last daily home learning activity that I’m going to be putting on the blog. Enjoy!

Summer potions Share stories/ pictures about what reminds you of summer. Brainstorm summer words. Challenge children to find objects that remind them of summer (maybe colours or smells) and collect in a pot. Find a stirring stick and record the ingredients on a whiteboard or ‘recipe sheet’.


Home Learning Day 69

Sing up song of the week. Learn the song and join in with the activities!


Little Larch Learning

We’ve had a busy few days in Little Larch! Here are some things we’ve been up to! We had an incredible surprise from Mr Ivory this week… look what he made for us! Wow! Thank you Mr Ivory!


Home Learning Day 68

Visit the International Space Station on Google Earth! Search for ‘Google Earth ISS’ on an internet search engine or visit to have an explore!


Home Learning Day 67

Go on a rainbow hunt! Give the children time to find as many different colours as they can find. Or give them an individual colour to find (e.g. sky – blue, it doesn’t have to be something they can hold) Take pictures of rainbow colours in nature then print them off for later to make a collage. Children can make a picture or a rainbow shape.


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