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Countryside day 2018

Wow, what an incredible day we’ve had at the Countryside day today! We went to Matterley Bowl Estate near Winchester and spent time learning about the working Countryside. Firstly, we met Laura and found out all about game-keeping. We got to hold a chick! Next, we learnt about the different crops that are grown on […]

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Super shape hunters!

All this week we’ve been learning about shapes in maths. We have learnt the names of lots of 2D and 3D shapes and sorted them based on their properties. Today Molly, Adam, Ashton and Tatiana went on a shape hunt around the school grounds. Can you work out what shapes they found?

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Tricky wool weaving

We made some decorations using wool and lolly sticks and weaving. Taylor: ‘I loved it but I found it so tricky!’ Molly: ‘It was the best day ever’ Aidan: ‘I found it very hard’ We used resilience when we found it tricky and we used reflectiveness to write our evaluations.


Snow day activities

As the school is closed today, please can you complete the following activities: 1. Draw some fractions in the snow or make some out of natural materials. Take a photo and email me! 2. Do some baking. Practise your measuring skills and read the scales on a jug or a set of scales. 3. Write […]


Pancake Party!

All this week we have been learning about fractions, and today we used this knowledge to good effect when we had our pancake party! We had to work out how many ingredients for the pancakes, and say how we wanted our pancake cut up, e.g. into halves or thirds. We also practised some different pancake […]

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Visit to Durleigh Marsh Farm

‘We went to the farm on the minibus. It was a long ride. We saw the squash. It was very fun’. Aidan ‘The man was driving’. Joe ‘My favourite bit was when we ate lots of raspberries. We picked them and then we ate them. Alison told us that there were still raspberries because it […]

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Countryside Day at Bereleigh Estate

We have had an amazing (and very soggy) day at Bereleigh Estate today. We went to a Countryside Day, to learn more about the working countryside. We started by learning about crops and looking at some different farm machinery before getting the chance to sit in the tractor! Then we looked at the greenhouse and […]

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Trip to March Foundation

We had a fantastic trip today to the March Foundation. We went to a field to play some games and then went for a walk along the canal. In the canal we spotted some moorhens, a pair of ducks with their ducklings and some swans with their cygnets! We were very excited to see the […]


Sensational sewing and super shopping!

Due to technical difficulties we have been unable to publish a blog post for a couple of weeks but now we’re back! This week has been another fantastic week of learning in Larch class.   We have been learning about the value of different coins. We set up a ‘shop’ in Larch class and took […]


Acting out!

This week we have been thinking about the settings used in different stories. We listened to two stories: ‘Katy Morag’ and ‘Iggy Pig’s Dark Night’ and acted them both out. Here are the photos!           


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