Larch and Kingfishers Classes

Archive for February, 2021

Kingfishers’ learning this week

In Kingfishers class this week we have all been trying new foods! Our story in English is Oliver’s Vegetables. Oliver thinks he only likes eating chips, but enjoys harvesting and trying the vegetables from Grandpa’s garden. We have been enjoying our first ever school dinners and learning about different foods too! In Maths we have […]


Larch and Kingfishers PE

This week we have started some joint learning sessions between Larch and Kingfishers. It has been really good for the Kingfishers to see the role-models of the Larch children, and it has been great for the Larch children to to help the Kingfishers, building their confidence and self-esteem. Today we enjoyed a PE lesson together […]


Kingfishers week beginning 8th February

We have enjoyed welcoming some new friends this week, as some children have joined us for the first time! In Maths we have been learning about numbers to 10, including doubles and one more and one less. In English we have been listening to ‘Mog and Bunny’. We have been learning the sign for ‘rabbit’ […]


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