Larch and Kingfishers Classes

Home Learning Days 56-60

This week is our own schools’ sports week. You will have already received information about this on the Friday flyer and this week’s blog tasks are all going to be related to this. We will be completing these activities in school each day if your child is in school and keeping score. If you are completing these at home, please send in your scores from home and we will add them to their team totals.

Monday: Speed bounce: how many times can you jump side to side in 60 seconds? (You will have had a chance to practice this last week!)

Tuesday: Stork balance/single leg balance: How long can you stand on one leg for? (in seconds)

Wednesday: How far can you throw a ball of rolled up socks? (in centimetres)

Thursday: Skipping: how many complete jumps can you do in one minute?

Friday: How many times can you walk or run around the school building (or your house/garden/park) in 5 minutes?

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