Larch and Kingfishers Classes

Ringo’s Home Learning Day 35

Word rounds: Choose a category (from the list below or you could think of your own). Go around the circle, or take it in turns, with each player adding a category item (e.g. for animals, you might say horse, cow, pig). Keep going round the circle until a player has run out of ideas! 

Ideas for categories: animals; clothes; furniture; food; transport; sports; countries; shops; parts of the body; something you cut; something you can smell ; something you wear when it is hot; something you can see on a beach; songs; somewhere you go on holiday; something you would see at the zoo; things you use or wear when playing sport; things you could do with a piece of paper; something red/ green/ blue; something starting with ‘p’ (or any other letter); something with legs; something you would find in a handbag; things in a classroom; things that are cold; insects; things that grow; musical instruments; boy’s/ girl’s names; cartoon characters; famous sports men/ women; verbs (doing words); adjectives (describing words); things that are thin; things that are round/ square; breakable objects; things that can fly; things with wheels; toys; things you plug in; emotions; pets jobs; things that make you laugh; things that are fast; breakfast foods; things that open; liquids /things you can pour; things that rhyme with tea/ cat/ light; drinks; things that are light (not heavy) .

After you have chosen your category set a timer for one minute. Taking turns around the group see how many words can be generated in one minute. Record the family total and then try to beat it next time. Send Mrs Aston an email or put a comment on the blog to let us know how you got on!

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