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Lois’ Home Learning

Well done Lois for making some fantastic playdough. It looks like you had good fun using your playdough to measure!

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Betty’s Home Learning Day 19

How well can you estimate? Take a jar or box of something, e.g. a small box of lego, a bag of pasta or a box of buttons. How many do you think are in there? Write down the number you are estimating. Count to check! Write down how many you counted. Comment on the blog […]

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Eric’s Home Learning Day 18

Make playdough using this recipe or one of your own: Have fun playing with the playdough that you have made. Playdough is also great for exploring fractions, e.g. dividing it into halves, quarters or thirds. You could also make caterpillars to explore measurement – who has the heaviest caterpillar? The longest caterpillar? Can you […]


Eric’s Home Learning Day 17

Visit and explore the different rooms and try some activities. Comment on the blog post to let us know which part of the house you most enjoyed!


Eric’s Home Learning Day 16

Try to make a parachute for an egg. Can you keep it safe while it floats to the ground? Which materials do you think would be best and why? We’d love to see some photos: Email them to Mrs Aston, or comment on the blog! (Top tip: hard-boiling the egg first might be a sensible […]


Letters from the staff

See below for a letter from each adult in Larch class to all the children in Larch. We miss you!


Betty’s Home Learning Day 15

Can you write a haiku about Spring? Haikus are poems that have 3 lines. The first line has 5 syllables, the second has 7 syllables, and the third has 5 syllables. Here’s Betty’s haiku about Spring: Flowers are in bloom, The garden is beautiful, Sunshine and Showers Email Mrs Aston with your haikus or post […]


Declan’s Home Learning

Declan has made a great start to his time capsule project, well done! He’s also sent us a lovely picture of him with his teddies!

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Betty Home Learning Day 14

Make a sock puppet! Use an old sock and sew on some buttons and a mouth or a tongue. Practice talking with your puppet and enjoy playing with it! Mrs Aston would love to see photos or videos of your puppets – email them to her or comment on the blog post.


Adam’s Home Learning

Adam has been working really hard at home, completing lots of Education City tasks. He’s even had time to do some baking and decorate and colour a giant castle! Well done Adam, super work!

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