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I’ve seen the Queen!

Today we were very privileged during our history lesson in Larch class to have a special visit from not one, but three famous Queens! Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Elizabeth II all came to visit and tell us more about their lives. We learnt lots of interesting information and even asked them some […]


Lots of learning in Larch

We’ve had a busy week with lots of brilliant learning. On Monday we did a science experiment to look at how food is broken down in our bodies: Last week we tasted and evaluated three different types of sandwiches in DT: We heard some exciting news this week, that Joe has modelled for Amnesty International’s […]


Kings and Queens

In history we are going to be learning about three important British Queens. Yesterday, we learnt about the word ‘monarch’. We discussed the role of a monarch and decided we’d like to be monarchs! We made some crowns to wear and pretended to be a King or a Queen. Do you think we look majestic?


What lovely teeth you have, my dear!

We have been learning about the human digestion system. We started by learning about our teeth, and the role that they serve. We looked inside our mouth and made a model of our teeth!


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