Larch and Kingfishers Classes

Meet Brian and Mrs Aston! Plus some fantastic Roman work.

Meet Brian and Mrs Aston, our new pets in Larch class! The children voted for the names, and keep making jokes like: ‘Feed Mrs Aston some lettuce’ and ‘Mrs Aston is curled up in her shell!’ They are only babies at the moment, but should grow to be quite big, as they are African Land Snails. They have a heat mat in their tank to keep them warm, as they need to be between about 20-24 degrees celcius. We have been filling out a ‘Snail spotter’ log to keep an eye on their temperature and humidity and what they’re doing. We are feeding them small bits of lettuce and cucumber each day.

Also, in history we have been learning about Romans. We worked together to make a fantastic non-fiction book about what we learnt. See below for some photos.

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