Larch and Kingfishers Classes

Archive for November, 2018

Building a kindness web and the multiplication station

We had a lot of fun at the ‘Multiplication Station’ this week. We had to choose how many passengers to put in our train carriages (the same number in each carriage), then write a multiplication calculation to match. Mrs Vernon-Smith, the ‘fat-controller’, had to quality check the trains and if she was happy then she […]


Making Music

We have been learning about percussion instruments in music. This week we watched some performances by ‘Stomp’ and then made our own percussion instruments, before performing with them to the class.


Terrific Times Tables!

This week we have been working on our multiplication. We have represented them in lots of different ways including with Numicon and pictorial representations. Today some of the pupils went outside and played a game. Every time they got a beanbag in the hoop they scored 2 and had to record their score. Can you […]


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