Larch and Kingfishers Classes

Run, run, as fast as you can!

We are currently doing a unit in English on Traditional Tales. For the last couple of weeks we have been looking at The Gingerbread Man, retelling the story and identifying the key events in the story. We have enjoyed joining in with the repeated refrain: ‘Run, run, as fast as you can, you can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread man!’

This week we made some gingerbread people in preparation for our outcome next week, where we will pretend that our gingerbread people have come alive! What adventures do you think our gingerbread people should get up to in our stories?


  1. christopher laker Said,

    October 9, 2018@ 2:18 pm      Reply

    it’s really good

  2. Jane Vinton Said,

    October 11, 2018@ 4:08 pm      Reply

    Perhaps the gingerbread men will run away to the seaside and have fun building sandcastles and swimming in the sea.

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