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Super str

We really enjoyed writing our stories this week, about the adventures that our gingerbread people got up to. Sophie, Christopher and Alex typed their stories up for our blog: Sophie’s story:  Christopher’s story:  Alex’s story:   


Outdoor learning

We love learning outside! Sometimes it’s great just to practise times tables and spellings in a different environment.  


Pen Licence

Congratulations to Christopher, who is the first child in Larch class to get his pen licence! He has enjoyed using his new pen for the first time in lessons this week, and has shown great resilience and perseverance with his handwriting. Well done!


Run, run, as fast as you can!

We are currently doing a unit in English on Traditional Tales. For the last couple of weeks we have been looking at The Gingerbread Man, retelling the story and identifying the key events in the story. We have enjoyed joining in with the repeated refrain: ‘Run, run, as fast as you can, you can’t catch me, I’m […]

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