Larch Class

Calshot Residential

The pupils have worked with Miss Hawkins to create this blog post:

Wow! What an amazing week we had at Calshot! Our days were packed with exciting activities. Our Calshot rep was called Rob. Rob taught us lots of new skills and helped us to challenge ourselves and try new things. He was very kind and fun!

Mrs Aston, Mrs Vernon-Smith and Miss Hawkins also enjoyed joining in with the activities too!

“My favourite activity was skiing. I learnt to ski and dance at the same time! I also enjoyed sailing. It was really fun!” – Charlie

“I loved kayaking! I enjoyed capsizing Miss Hawkins!” – Kye

 “I liked shooting. I got the best score out of the whole class!”- Aidan

“I loved kayaking, it was really fun!” –Taylor

We went Terrific Trawling. We went out to sea in a boat and put the net into the sea. We caught lots of creatures that live under the sea. Our favourite was the spider crabs! The seaweed was really smelly! We had lots of fun whizzing round the velodrome on our cycling bikes! We loved rock climbing and managed to climb very high. Archery was tricky, but Rob helped us hit the targets!

We had games in the evening. Our favourite was Rushing Rockets! We had to fill a bottle up with water and use a bicycle pump to shoot the ‘rockets’ into the air. Amazing!

We loved our time at Calshot and we have made amazing memories to keep forever.

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