Larch and Kingfishers Classes

Visit to Durleigh Marsh Farm

‘We went to the farm on the minibus. It was a long ride. We saw the squash. It was very fun’. Aidan

‘The man was driving’. Joe

‘My favourite bit was when we ate lots of raspberries. We picked them and then we ate them. Alison told us that there were still raspberries because it had been nice and warm’. Taylor

‘I liked it and it was a good trip. My favourite bit was when I picked a carrot’. Charlie

‘My favourite bit was when they talked about my favourite pudding, rhubarb’. Joshua

‘We picked the carrots. We put them in the bag to take back to school’. Alex

‘I liked picking the carrots. We’re going to make carrot cake and carrot soup’. Christopher

‘I saw a bunny. It was hopping and running. The shop was very nice’. Kye

‘I liked eating the raspberries. We found some sweetcorn and Alison put them in a bag to feed to her chickens’. Molly

‘I liked it when we picked carrots’. Adam

What a wonderful morning! We had a brilliant time at the farm and were surprised to see how much was still growing! Thank you Alison for taking us round! Here are some photos. Mrs Aston.

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  1. Jane Vinton Said,

    November 7, 2017@ 4:14 pm      Reply

    I can see that you all had a wonderful day. The raspberries must have tasted delicious.

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