Countryside Day at Bereleigh Estate

We have had an amazing (and very soggy) day at Bereleigh Estate today. We went to a Countryside Day, to learn more about the working countryside. We started by learning about crops and looking at some different farm machinery before getting the chance to sit in the tractor! Then we looked at the greenhouse and walled garden and all planted a bean to take home. After that we went into the woods and learnt about the different animals which live in the woods. We then had lunch at a neighbouring farm and got a chance to see their sheep and cattle. It was very funny when some sheep escaped and Miss Jefferson had to help hold the gate open to get them safely back in their pen! We also learnt about the different uses of wool and how it is spun. We will be learning more about sheep over the next few weeks and the work we do will be judged and displayed at the Alresford Country show.  

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  1. Jane Vinton says:

    The countryside day looks like it was lots of fun. What a pity it was so wet!

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