Larch Grand Opening

After weeks of waiting and desperately trying to peer our heads around our new classroom door, the day finally came this week for us to move into our brand new classroom! We have loads more space and a small room to do some quiet work in. We have lots of brand new things, we are so lucky! We all used reciprocity and worked together to move all the things into our new class. It was hard work! We also baked two special fruit cakes to give to our guests. On Wednesday we had lots of special visitors who came to the grand opening. School council came along too. We love our new class!

Waiting outside for the ribbon cutting:

Larch Grand opening (1) Larch Grand opening (3)

Having a tour of the classroom:

Larch Grand opening (6) Larch Grand opening (9) Larch Grand opening (10) Larch Grand opening (11) Larch Grand opening (12)

Giving Mr Haycock a card we made to say thank you for all the hard work he has put in to our new classroom:Larch Grand opening (22) Larch Grand opening (24)

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  1. Jane Vinton says:

    Your new classroom looks amazing!

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