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Data handling on a frosty day

This week we are looking at the weather data using our weather station, and comparing it to the weather data in Kafuro, Uganda. We have been making some graphs to represent this data. We noted that the temperature yesterday was 7.5 degrees celcius, and were very surprised this morning to see that it was -2 […]


Learning about fractions and poetry and some super certificates!

Firstly, well done to Taylor and Angus who got their bronze certificate for personal points: Great work boys! In English this week we have been learning about poetry. Miss Jefferson asked us if we could use the reference guide in the library to find where the poetry books are kept. We then  had a great […]


Learning about the Liss Values

A few weeks ago we all came up with some ideas for what we thought our Liss school values could be. Taylor then took our ideas to school council, and together with all the other classes suggestions, school council came up with out Liss Values: Friendship, Respect, Equality, Sympathy and Honesty. In Elm class we thought […]


Imperative verbs, the Parish council and following instructions…

This week we have started learning how to write instructions. We learnt that instructions use imperative verbs. We thought of some imperative verbs of our own so that we could boss Miss Hawkins around! We had to only use one word: can you guess what imperative verbs we were using for each of these photos? We also […]


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