Larch and Kingfishers Classes

Meeting Doug the dog!

When we went on our Countryside Day we learnt about the working countryside. We have been doing a project about the countryside, finding out about animals which live in the countryside and how to stay camouflaged! In a few weeks some special judges will be coming to look at all our work as part of a competition… we’re hoping that we’ll do really well!

Today Molly’s Mum brought their dog, Doug in to visit us. Doug is a puppy and his Mummy and Daddy were trained gun dogs. We enjoyed meeting the gun dog at the Countryside day, so had lots of questions for Molly’s Mum about Doug. He hasn’t been trained, but he was very clever and we think he would make a great gun dog or PAT dog! Molly showed us some different tricks that she can do with Doug. Thank you to Molly, her Mum and Doug!

Meeting Doug (2)  Meeting Doug (4) Meeting Doug (6)  Meeting Doug (8) Meeting Doug (9) Meeting Doug (15)

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