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Star horse riders and certificates for personal points

Aidan and Charlie O were our star horse riders, well done boys! Billy and Angus both got gold certificates for personal points! Amazing! Well done!


Meeting Doug the dog!

When we went on our Countryside Day we learnt about the working countryside. We have been doing a project about the countryside, finding out about animals which live in the countryside and how to stay camouflaged! In a few weeks some special judges will be coming to look at all our work as part of […]


Healthy cooking

This week was healthy school’s week, and we have been discussing which foods are healthy. We made some vegetable couscous, and had a try of all the ingredients first. Angus particularly enjoyed the spring onions!   Chopping up the peppers             Weighing out the couscous   Mixing all the ingredients […]


What a lot of certificates!

Not only did three children get their bronze certificates for reading this week (see the previous post), today Charlie H got a swimming certificate and Sean and Taylor got their gold certificates for behaviour points! WOW! Well done to all of them.


Learning about position and direction… and reading superstars!

Today we learnt about quarter, half and three-quarter turns in our maths lesson. We played a game outside using the chess board, where we had to turn a quarter, half or three quarters, or stay put. Then we picked a card which told us whether we had to move 1, 2 or 3 spaces. If […]


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