Larch and Kingfishers Classes

Busy bees…

This afternoon we spent some time learning about bees. Firstly we thought about what we already knew, and what we could remember from last year when the class did some work on bees. Here’s what we could remember:

Bees notebook file 1

Then we learnt about how bees collect nectar to make honey:

bees notebook file 2

Then we went outside to look for our bees, and found them entering and exiting the hive. Using a flower identification sheet, we looked round the field to see if there were any bee-friendly flowers growing. Then we made our own bee using natural materials:

IMG_1501 IMG_1502

Can you see the proboscis and the flower it is feeding from?

At the end of the afternoon we made some biscuits using honey. They were delicious!

IMG_1503 IMG_1504 IMG_1505

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