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Countryside Education Day

We had such a fantastic time at the countryside day: look at all our photos! Learning about sheep Learning about deer: Learning about seeds: Learning about tractors: Learning about owls and different animal skulls: We had a great day!


The roles of men and women in Ancient Greece

Yesterday we learnt about the roles of men and women in Ancient Greece. We decided that it wasn’t fair that women weren’t allowed to vote or join in the Olympic Games! Here are some photos of us acting out the different roles of men and women – see if you can work out what we’re […]


Science, French and horse-riding

In science this week we learnt about sounds. Pupils had to go round the school and record some different sounds on the iPads. Then we came back to class to listen to the different sounds and try and work out what they were. These are the sounds which Angus recorded: can you work out what […]


Ancient Greek Olympics

Today we learnt about the Ancient Greek Olympics, and compared them to the modern day Olympics. We listened to some of Mrs Jefferson’s running music, and by looking at evidence on a pot, we learnt that the Ancient Greeks listened to music while they trained too! We held our own mini Ancient Greek Olympics on […]

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Busy bees…

This afternoon we spent some time learning about bees. Firstly we thought about what we already knew, and what we could remember from last year when the class did some work on bees. Here’s what we could remember: Then we learnt about how bees collect nectar to make honey: Then we went outside to look […]


A busy blog!

Hello! Owing to slight technical difficulties we haven’t been able to blog for a few weeks, so here are some photos to keep you up to speed with what we have been doing! Dressing up as Ancient Greeks We guessed what we thought Ancient Greeks might wear, but none of us were correct! We found out […]


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