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Learning to create frequency tables

At the start of this week we went outside to collect data about what transport was passing the school for Mr Burford. We discussed different ways that we could record this data, and decided that it would be best to write it down. We learnt how to create frequency tables and record the number using a tally. Each pupil […]


Sean is the star rider!

Sean did some fantastic riding on his horse, called Tom this week. He stretched his hands out to balance and scored a ‘goal’ by placing an object in a bucket. Well done Sean!   


Well done Taylor and Angus

Angus and Taylor got their bronze certificates for 25 behaviour points this week. Well done boys!


Look at our brilliant new display!

This week we bid a fond farewell to Bob, the Anglo-Saxon who has been with us for a whole term. Our new topic is rivers, so Miss Hawkins and Billy worked hard on a new display. It shows us the whole journey of a river, and will help us learn some key vocabulary for our […]


HG are great horse-riders

Max and Angus were this week’s star riders! Well done! Photos this week were taken by Charlie H, Taylor, Aidan and Angus. The photos for the blog were selected by Chelsea and Charlie H.


HG are great scientists!

Not only have we been thinking like great mathematicians this week… we have also been thinking like real scientists! First, we thought about why we got shadows. Each pupil came up with their own idea, and then together we carried out experiments to test our ideas. We learnt that shadows are formed when an object or […]


HG are great mathematicians!

In HG we have been counting in 2s, 5s and 10s, and identifying odd and even numbers. This week Miss Jefferson set us some challenging investigations using this knowledge. We had to decide what equipment we needed and think about how we were going to answer the questions to solve the investigation. Here’s some photos […]


US Selborne visit and horse-riding last week

Last week Chelsea, Sean, Charlie, Billy and Max went with some mainstream pupils to visit Selborne. They put on their wellies and got in the river to find out more about rivers as part of our topic. In the afternoon they had a great time sketching some animals in the centre. Everyone said what a […]



We had a really good time horse riding this week. HG are turning into budding photographers with our new iPads so all the photos this week have been taken by the pupils. Molly, Chelsea, Christopher and Charlie then selected the best 4 photos to go on our blog! Well done to Taylor and Christopher who were […]


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