Larch and Kingfishers Classes

Sports Day

Last Monday, we had our annual sports day. In the morning, we took part in our special HG Sporting Event. We ran races against each other and had a lot of fun. Our races this year were the dressing up race, the sprint, the hurdles, the egg and spoon, and the sack race. There was lots of smiling and enjoyment throughout the event, which was what it was all about. We were so pleased that our families came to watch (thank you for your support).

After our event, we had a drink and some orange to help us re-hydrate. Mrs Green awarded the certificates to the winners and the participants. In the afternoon, we took part in the whole school sports day. This was also good fun, and we were very grateful for our ice lollies from the PTA to cool us down!

Well done to the Yellow team who won the whole event!

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