Larch and Kingfishers Classes

Linkenholt Countryside Competition Day

On Friday, we took our garlic we had grown, the garlic bread we had made, the butterfly house we had made and our collage to Linkenholt Countryside Competition. We met the 5 other schools that were also taking part and set up our class display. Straight away, we got started on our activities. We started off by making some clay animals. We used clay that dries out very quickly and will bake well in the sun. Next we watched a demonstration of sheep shearing. We were able to touch the fleece and discovered it was very oily. We learnt that this oil can be extracted to use in face creams! After the sheep had been sheared, we were able to hold the fleece and see how heavy it was. We were surprised how heavy it was and felt sorry for sheep in the hot summer sun!

After the sheep, we learnt a bit about where our food comes from. We learnt how different grains are grown and harvested and what they can be made in to. We learnt about where our meats come from too. We had to think about which animal gives us different cuts of meat. Next we went back outside to learn about how moths and butterflies are important in pollinating plants in the countryside. We were able to sit inside a special tent and have moths land on our hands.

After that, we went on to some very cute baby chicks! These were pheasant chicks. The gamekeeper talked to us about how they hatch the pheasants and then look after them until they are big enough to live out in the fields. (We didn’t dwell too much on what happens next in the sport they are reared for!)

It was time for lunch and the prize giving. Medstead Primary deservedly won the prize for their class display. We were really pleased to be awarded with our certificates and enjoy such an interesting and lovely day at Linkenholt.

After lunch, we learnt about how sheep dogs are trained. We watched a demonstration of the dogs searching and retrieving their toys for their owners. We also got to say hello to one of their very cute puppies! Next it was time to move on to see the Shetland Ponies. Their owners taught us how to groom the ponies and let us have a go at brushing their coats and manes.

Finally, we got to have a go at bug catching! We learnt about which creatures live in the hedgerows and the job they do in keeping the countryside alive. We learnt about their position in the food chain, and had a good look at some of them under the microscope.

We had a really great day at Linkenholt, we learnt a lot about the countryside and enjoyed having a go at all the activities.


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