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Cobnor Residential Trip – Now with photos!

Cobnor 2015

Now with photos!

Day One

Wednesday 29th April.

Arrived at the centre to be met by ‘Andy’. He was to be our instructor for the afternoon. We managed to unload the minibus in the dry before the rain came lashing down!

We found our rooms and settled down to relax and become familiar with our surroundings. We found a table tennis set and a giant ‘Connect 4’ game in our dining room which was great fun. After lunch, we had a go at ‘indoor archery’. Some of us found we were real naturals at this sport and were hitting the targets with our arrows to score high points!

Finally it stopped raining and we were able to go outside and play in the field near our ‘house’. It wasn’t long before ‘Andy’ arrived to challenge us with some ‘problems’ to solve. Our first challenge was a giant see-saw. We had to stand on the see-saw and make it balance. Our second challenge was to lift a barrel and move it without touching it and only using rope. This was very tricky and made us think hard about how to solve it. We managed to solve the challenge in the end (see the photos).

Our third and final challenge was to move some balls into a bucket by using ropes. We needed some help to do this. We had an extra challenge to see how many balls we could get in the bucket in 1 minute. We managed 18!

For our dinner, we had pasta bake, garlic bread, chocolate mouse and peaches. Delicious! After dinner we went on an evening walk to Cobnor Point. This was quite windy and chilly, but we were able to collect some kindling for our bonfire the following night.

After our walk it was back for hot chocolate for supper and bedtime.

Day Two

Thursday 30th April.

Everyone was up by 7.30am. We had a lovely cooked breakfast of bacon, egg, cereals, and toast.

We had a really exciting activity to start our day off and the weather was fantastic! Blue skies, sunshine and just enough wind for Sailing. We divided ourselves in to four teams and was allocated our boats. We helped to rig and launch our boats from the slipway. We all had a turn at steering and taking charge of the sheets when we were going about. As we became more confident, it really began to feel like ‘Swallows and Amazons’ and obviously we had to have a water fight!!

We sailed ashore for a quick break of more hot chocolate! Then a short time back out in the boats before bringing them ashore. We helped to de-rig our boats and wash down our suits and equipment.

Next it was lunch – roll, crisps, choc biscuit, fruit, yoghurt, carrot and cucumber sticks and cherry tomatoes. Yum! Followed by Rafted Canoeing. Again, we helped launch the canoes and learnt how we should paddle. This was a lot of hard work and effort and the wind was starting to get a little stronger. We tied our canoes together and played some fun games before going back ashore.

After a drink and snack, it was time for our next activity – the Climbing Wall. Everyone had a go and tried to challenge themselves to go as high as they could. We were all so impressed when Chelsea and Charlie O made it to the top!

We had our evening meal which was fish and chips! Then we went to the field to light our campfire. We played football and rugby before singing a few songs and toasting marshmallows over the fire.

Just before the sun had completely set, we went back home for showers, a DVD and bed. Everyone was exhausted!

Day Three

Friday 1st May – Last day (boo!)

After the teachers woke the children up (no, I’m not joking!), we had breakfast. This time it was sausages, spaghetti hoops, cereals and toast. (We have been so spoilt!).

After breakfast, Sonny, our instructor took us to the Low Ropes course. We had to work together to solve how to complete the course in the most effective way. It was a lot of fun and we all pushed ourselves to try to complete challenges that we didn’t think we could.

Our next activity was orienteering. We were given maps of the site and points to go and find. There were 16 to find and it took us a long time! We all successfully found the points and collected the letters that were displayed in each point. We then had to jumble the letters up to find out the words that they spelt. (This shall remain a secret for future trip go-ers!).

We had our lunch of sandwiches, crisps, biscuit and fruit before packing up the minibus and waving good bye to Cobnor Activity Centre. We had had such a wonderful time that we asked the staff if we could go again next year!

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