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Solar Eclipse

This morning we went outside to experience the Solar Eclipse. We were quite disappointed that there was not much to see of the eclipse as the sky was very cloudy. However we did notice other curious things. Some of us noticed that the wind speed appeared to pick up a little as the eclipse was taking place. Also, it definitely felt a lot cooler outside and we needed to wear our coats. It was interesting to listen to the birds singing their different dusk and morning calls.

Whilst we were outside, Mr Costello talked to us about what was happening with the sun and the moon. We tried to recreate the process by using people as the moon, earth and sun to demonstrate what was happening.

Whilst we couldn’t see the eclipse for real, we were able to watch it live on our whiteboard by tuning in to the BBC programmes.

Did you notice anything strange about the eclipse where you were? If you did, please send us a comment back as it would be interesting to find out.

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