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School Grounds Day continued…

We were so busy on School Grounds Day, we didn’t get to complete all the tasks we wanted to. This week, we filled our toilet rolls with soil and planted our seeds of radish, sweet peas, purple carrots, and cornflower. Once our seedlings have grown enough, we will be able to transplant them to our tyre planters.

IMG_2307                   IMG_2306


We are continuing to look after our Garlic that we are growing for a Countryside Competition. Our Giant Elephant Garlic and common Garlic are growing well, fingers crossed for the Countryside Competition day in June.



…. And finally, we were kindly given some frog spawn this week. We have been fascinated to watch how quickly the frog spawn are growing and developing into tadpoles. We are learning what the tadpoles like to eat and how to nurture them carefully. We hope to release them in to our newly cleared pond area when the froglets are big enough! Thank you to Angus’ family for the frog spawn!

IMG_2312                        IMG_2311 IMG_2313


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