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School Grounds Day

On Thursday, we had one of our ‘Best Day Ever’ moments! We spent the whole day outside in and around our School grounds. There were many jobs to be done. We started the day by learning how to weave willow in to different shapes. Louise, our friend, came to teach us how to do this, and also helped us make our own ‘Wigwam’ for our Sweet Pea plants to climb up. We also helped tidy up the Willow Arbor that is sited on the school field, by weaving loose willow back into its structure.

Our next job was to cut the turf away from where our tyre planters were going to sit. After that stage had been done, we filled the tyres with soil….. LOTS of soil! It took many trips down the slope to the large sacks of soil, with our buckets to fill. It was quite a “tyre-ring” (boom boom!) job for all of us.

We were glad when it was soon time for our picnic lunch on the playground with our families. After lunch, we were able to spend some time helping Mr Haycock with the construction of our bottle greenhouse. Sean and Charlie lifted some wood for Mr Haycock to saw, helped by Billy.

Then, time for more soil shifting! It wasn’t too long before we were able to plant our seedlings and Sweet Peas and place our Willow Wigwam. All our hard work was well worth it as we were able to stand back and admire our efforts. We wandered around the rest of the school grounds to admire everyone else’s efforts with their class projects too. We were very proud of our school before this day, but we can definitely be super proud now. It looks fabulous. Well done and a huge thank you to all our children, families and friends who helped us.

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  1. Miss Golledge Said,

    March 17, 2015@ 7:56 pm      Reply

    It looks like you had lots of fun HG, what was your favourite part of the day? I look forward to seeing all of your hard work 🙂

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