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Sporting Star

Max shared his good news – he has been awarded with his level 4 trampolining badge and certificate. Max explained to us that he had to do a somersault, a back drop, and a forward roll with high jumps. Congratulations Max on your sporting achievements! (photo to follow)


Gold Certificate Awards

Well done to Max, Aidan and Charlie who received their Gold Certificates for earning 100 personal points! They have been working very hard and deserve their well earned certificates. Personal Points can be awarded for effort, good attendance, and good attitudes. (photos to follow)


This week’s Star Riders

Well done to Max and Charlie O for being our star riders in the horse riding lesson this week. Max has been really concentrating in the lessons and listens to the instructions really well. Charlie has been working hard on his balance and can ride the length of the school standing up in his stirrups! […]


Solar Eclipse

This morning we went outside to experience the Solar Eclipse. We were quite disappointed that there was not much to see of the eclipse as the sky was very cloudy. However we did notice other curious things. Some of us noticed that the wind speed appeared to pick up a little as the eclipse was […]


Cooking Caterpillars!

On Thursday, we followed the theme of our School Grounds and got creative in the kitchen! We made Cheesy Caterpillars. To make our caterpillars we had to start with making our pastry dough with self-raising flour, salt and margarine. We added some of the cheese to our mixture before rolling it out to cut. After […]


School Grounds Day continued…

We were so busy on School Grounds Day, we didn’t get to complete all the tasks we wanted to. This week, we filled our toilet rolls with soil and planted our seeds of radish, sweet peas, purple carrots, and cornflower. Once our seedlings have grown enough, we will be able to transplant them to our […]


Star Riders

This week’s star riders are Billy, Angus and Aidan. Billy has made great progress. He is now able to steer his horse all by himself and has really mastered his rising trot. Angus has made super progress since joining us in January. He has a developed a really good sitting position and posture on his […]


Year 3 and 4 trip to the Sustainability Centre

Last Friday, our younger people had their visit to the Sustainability Centre. We started the day by learning about ‘shingles’. These are the tiles that are fitted to the roof of the outdoor classroom and are made of hazel. ‘Sean’ showed us how the hazel can be ‘split’ to make shingles as well as a […]


School Grounds Day

On Thursday, we had one of our ‘Best Day Ever’ moments! We spent the whole day outside in and around our School grounds. There were many jobs to be done. We started the day by learning how to weave willow in to different shapes. Louise, our friend, came to teach us how to do this, […]

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Our Star Riders

This week’s Star riders at horse riding are……. CHELSEA –   … and …..      BEN! Well done to both Chelsea and Ben who have been practicing steering their horses by themselves and keeping their heels pushed down in their stirrups. Keep up the good work!  


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