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Rexy the dinosaur who rocks!

In our Science lessons, we have had a special visitor who has been helping Miss Golledge to teach us about rocks and the Earth. ‘Rexy’ the dinosaur talks to us about our scientific learning! This week, he has helped us to find out what the Earth is made of. He showed us the names of the parts of the Earth – ‘Crust’, ‘Mantle’, ‘Inner Core’, ‘Outer Core’.

Miss Golledge gave us a peach to look at. The peach is made up of different thickness of layers just like the Earth. She used the peach to represent the Earth to help us understand.

We love working with Rexy too. We can practice our scientific words when we speak to him in our lessons. Here are some pictures of us working with Rexy and Miss Golledge;

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  1. Jacky Blackmore Said,

    January 21, 2015@ 4:21 pm      Reply

    I think Rexy must be pretty impressed with how quickly you are learning about the earth!

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