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Mrs Molly goes horse riding!

On Tuesday, we took Mrs Molly to Hewshott Farm Stables to join us in our horse riding lesson. Mrs Molly told us that she has never experienced horse riding  before! She put on her crash hat and was helped up on to her horse. She looked like a natural and was very comfortable on the […]

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wageni mwakaribishwa (welcome) Mrs Molly to class HG!

We welcomed Mrs Molly to class HG on Tuesday. Mrs Molly kindly talked to us about her home and the jobs she did; Mrs Molly then shared some Ugandan action songs with us. We had a go at learning them too!   Click on these links to see Molly teaching us; Molly’s song Molly’s song […]


Studying our Locality – Liss

In Geography, we have been finding out where exactly Liss is located in the UK. We have learnt how to read maps and have discovered where our home areas are on maps and in relation to our school. On Monday, we went to investigate what Liss has to offer as a village in preparation to […]


Ni marungi (Good News!)

Good news? – Great News! Mr Yowasi and Mrs Molly, our teachers and friends from Uganda have arrived safely in the UK this morning. They left Kampala in 27 degrees C, and arrived in London in – 7 degrees C below freezing! We are very much looking forward to welcoming Mrs Molly and Mr Yowasi […]

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In Science this week,  we have continued to find out about ‘Rocks’. This week, we learnt about volcanoes and how they erupt. Miss Golledge had made a model volcano that we could make a chemical reaction in to represent how volcanoes erupt. Click on the links below to see a short video clip of our Volcanic […]



In maths this week, we have been set a challenge to solve. Our school needs new guttering to ensure that we do not waste any opportunity to collect rain water and to stop the path way from becoming slippy in wet weather! We have to find out the perimeter measurement of our school to calculate […]


Rexy the dinosaur who rocks!

In our Science lessons, we have had a special visitor who has been helping Miss Golledge to teach us about rocks and the Earth. ‘Rexy’ the dinosaur talks to us about our scientific learning! This week, he has helped us to find out what the Earth is made of. He showed us the names of the parts […]

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Exploring Maps

In HG this week, we have been looking at Maps. We have looked at Ordnance Survey Maps of Liss and the surrounding areas. We identified key features of the map. We were so good at looking at these, we located our school, the pond at the park, the train station and the A3. We then looked […]


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all our blog readers! This week, we welcome 2 people to HG. We are delighted to receive Angus, a new friend to join us in Year 3. We also welcome Miss Golledge, our student teacher from Chichester University. Miss Golledge will be with us for the whole of January. In Literacy […]

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