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Harvest Festival

On Thursday, we walked down to St. Mary’s Church to celebrate our annual Harvest Festival. In HG, we focused our thinking on ‘Wheat’. We put together a ‘Bread Rap’ with actions to tell the story of the journey of wheat, and the process it goes through from field to loaf. Here is a video clip […]

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Horse Riders of the Week

Well done to Charlie and Ben who are our ‘Star Riders’ this week. Charlie has been a helpful assistant in recording which children are on which horses and how they are getting on. Ben has shown great skills in his riding. He is able to ride for much of the lesson without someone holding the […]


Real Life Maths

In maths recently, we have been learning our number pairs to 10 and 20. We have realised that knowing our number pairs can help us when we are shopping and using money, working out our change correctly. Today we put our learning in to practice. We walked down to the shops in the village, clutching […]

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Butser Ancient Farm Trip

On Wednesday, we joined Class AS on a visit to Butser Ancient Farm. At the farm, we learnt how to be Archaeologists and dig for clues as to how people lived long ago. We found bones and rocks. After washing them, we had a go at identifying what they might be or where they may […]

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Stone Age Cooking!

On Tuesday, we had a go at making Oatcakes. We followed a recipe that would have been very much like the ingredients and methods of the Stone Age/Iron Age period in history. We had made them to take with us on our trip to Butser Ancient Farm. They were fun to make but resulted in […]


Riders of the Week

Congratulations to Max and Chelsea who were our ‘Riders of the Week’ this week. Chelsea has been able to master a beautiful sitting position in the saddle with a lovely straight back. She is also well on her way to mastering the rising trot too! Max has also made fantastic progress with a good sitting […]


Sporting Achievements

We congratulated Max this week, on being awarded a ‘Silver’ certificate for Trampolining. Max received his ‘Silver Award’ from the Swallows Trampoline Club. Well done Max!


What a good bake!

We have been finding out about wheat as a crop. We have looked at the journey of a wheat grain, from field to loaf. Mrs Vernon-Smith kindly lent us her Pestle and Mortar so we could see how grain can be crushed into flour.   In literacy, we have sequenced the journey of wheat as […]


The Stone Age – looking at the evidence!

This term, we have been looking at the Stone Age period. We have created our own time line to gain a sense of how long ago the Stone Age was. We have looked at evidence of the way people lived through the Stone Age. We are looking forward to experiencing more practical evidence from our […]

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Our Horse Riders of the Week

Well done to Billy and Aidan who are our Horse Riders of the week. Billy is now able to control his horse around the arena all by himself without anyone on the leading rein. Well done Billy! Aidan has not been horse riding for very long and can already trot well and can sit with […]


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