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Our School Council Rep

We had a very important job to do this week. We had to select our School Council Rep. This is a very responsible job and 5 people in HG wanted to represent the class! Each of the 5 children (Chelsea, Taylor, Charlie, Ben, Sean), prepared a short speech on why the rest of the class should vote for them to represent them on the council.

The successful candidate has to spend some of their own time each half term, meeting with Mr Stanley and the other class reps, to discuss ways that we could improve the school both inside and out. They also discuss issues and topics that help the school run smoothly.

Congratulations to Ben who was chosen by the children in HG to represent them on the School Council!



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  1. Jacky Blackmore Said,

    September 15, 2014@ 7:00 pm      Reply

    It’s good to hear that so many of you wanted to be the rep for HG on the School Council and congratulations to Ben for being chosen.

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