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New School Year – Exciting things in store!

Welcome back to a new school year!

We will begin the year with our transition topic – “The School Grounds We Would Like”. This is a 2 week topic where you will have the chance to tell everyone about your ideas for making our school grounds even better. Like last year in our topic of ‘The School We Would Like’, the best ideas will be chosen to present to Mr Burford in an assembly. You could start thinking now about our school grounds. Here are some questions that may help you to start thinking!

– What do you like about our school grounds already?

– Why do you like it?

– What don’t you like about our school grounds?

– What would you like to see included in our school grounds?

– Why do you think this would be a good idea? How would it benefit everyone at school?

After our transition topic, we will begin to think about The Stone Age. You may wish to begin to look in books and on the internet to find out information about this period.

What is the feature on the pillar this year?

As you know, Mr Stanley and I went to Uganda at the beginning of the holidays. The children, staff and parents of Kafuro Primary School showed us how to build a wattle and daub house. I have tried to represent this for you on the pillar in our classroom. Have a look at the photos below, of the wattle and daub house at Kafuro Primary School and of the pillar in our classroom.

IMG_0609 014 (2)

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