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Potatoes – Mr Burford v Class HG 2014 …. game on….

As dedicated fans of Class HG blog will know, we have been growing our own potatoes. Unfortunately, one of our crop was blighted with blight! However, we managed to harvest some of our red skinned ‘Rudolf’ crop. Mr Burford had been keeping a careful eye on the progress of our potatoes as he had sown some of his own crop in his garden, and we could tell this year, he was particularly nervous. Class HG had shown the skill of their green fingers once again.

Now for the taste test….. Mr Burford brought in his white skinned potatoes, freshly harvested from his garden. But which potatoes tasted the best…?

We asked staff around the school to taste each potato and tell us which one tasted the best. We were very careful not to give them any information to keep the test fair. Then we tasted them ourselves (with blindfolds on!).

Here are the results..  Red Skin Potato – HG,       White Skin Potato – Mr B


Sorry Mr Burford. Better luck next year!

Potato taste test


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