Larch and Kingfishers Classes

Linkenholt Countryside Competition Day

We had a lovely day out at Linkenholt today. We started the day with introducing ourselves to ‘Joey’ the Tawney Owl. We were able to wear a special glove and have a go at holding him. We were also able to find out about what kinds of small animals Joey likes to hunt and eat.

Next we went looking for bugs! We were given a large net that we swept across the hedgerow. When we looked in the net we could see it was full of bugs that live in hedgerows. We collected our bugs in clear jars and had a good look at them under a microscope.

Then we visited the sheep. We had a go at separating the sheep using a special pen with trap doors. We were able to see a whole fleece that had been sheared from the sheep and was being spun into wool on a spinning wheel. We were allowed to use some of the ‘spun fleece’ to make our own friendship bracelets.

After that, we went to have a look at Pheasant chicks. They were only 2 weeks old! We were able to have a go at holding the chicks. We quickly realised that they can actually fly even at such a young age.  By this time it was lunch time and we had a break from all the farming activities.

After lunch, it was time for the Prize giving. We were thrilled to have been awarded Second Prize for our Countryside Collage! We came home with a lovely trophy and a medal!

Before we had to leave to go back to school, we were able to learn about working dogs. We watched how they followed commands to fetch and retrieve. Then we were able to have a go ourselves. The dogs were so obedient and responded so well to being made a fuss of by the children.

We had a go at grinding grain to make our own flour and we also played a sorting game to learn about the different food groups.

We had such a wonderful day, it was full of activities that we really enjoyed. A big thank you to Mr Checksfield, and Miss Brooks for helping us and a big thank you to Mrs Horrocks who helped us put our competition entry together!

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  1. Jacky Blackmore Said,

    July 1, 2014@ 7:27 pm      Reply

    Another winning entry from HG- you are all so clever! It looks as if you had an amazing day at Linkenholt and what a lot of activities you undertook.

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