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Caterpillars continued…… Butterflies!

We have been fascinated by our caterpillars. We have been watching closely how they have changed over their life cycle from caterpillar to butterfly. They cleverly changed into their chrysalis state, attaching themselves to the paper disc. After about a week, day by day, they began to emerge as Painted Lady butterflies. Once in their butterfly form, we had to feed them with pieces of fresh fruit, fresh flowers and home made nectar. We made nectar by dissolving sugar in water, and we sprinkled this on the flowers and fruit each day. It was amazing to watch how the butterflies used their large, long tongues to eat the nectar.

As we studied the life cycle of our caterpillars and butterflies, we took inspiration from the well-known children’s story – The Very Hungary Caterpillar. We sequenced and wrote the story ourselves, making our own children’s books to share with our families at home. Billy, Eddie, Sean and Charlie are photographed here, sharing their books.

Billy caterpillar 1 Billy caterpillar 2 Billy caterpillar 3 billy caterpillar 4 IMG_9413 Sean caterpillar 1 sean caterpillar 2 sean caterpillar 3 sean caterpillar 4


eddie caterpillar 1 eddie caterpillar 2 eddie caterpillar 3 eddie caterpillar 4 IMG_9410


On the last day of half term, it was time to let our butterflies go and continue their life cycle in their natural habitat outside. It was fun and really fascinating watching them change through their life cycle.

IMG_9442             Please click on this link to watch the butterfly release –  Butterfly release

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