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Our Working Wall in HG

In HG, we are working together to create a Working Wall. We will be using our wall to help everyone meet their learning objectives.

In writing, we have been particularly focusing on sentence work. We have talked a lot about using ‘Wow’ words (good adjectives) to describe things we are writing about. We have also talked a lot about using similes.

Brandon says – “We want to learn about using Wow words and similes so that people will find our writing more interesting to read”.

So our Working Wall is about making our sentences more interesting!

Mary says – “We will know we are better at writing when we can use more Wow words and similes”. Eddie says – “People will tell us they are interested in our writing”.

The children want to share their work with you by taking their books home, posting their work on the blog and by sharing their work with visitors to the school.

Here is a taster of how we are getting on;

Brandon has used a simile to describe what it was like to do Fencing whilst we were at Foxlease (our residential trip). He says it was as hard as catching birds.

Brandon's writing


Chelsea used a simile to tell us how she felt on the minibus. She says she felt as pretty as a flower!

Chelsea's writing


Billy told us how he felt whilst he was at home poorly;

Billy's writing


We have displayed these pieces of work on our Working Wall to remind everyone of how they could make their sentences more interesting!


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  1. Jacky Blackmore Said,

    May 12, 2014@ 10:35 am      Reply

    What a great idea! I’m sure your Working wall will help you a lot and I’m very impressed with Billy’s, Chelsea’s and Brandon’s writing.

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