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Gold certificates

In our school, we can be awarded personal points for following the Golden Rules, for trying our best and for being noticed for something we have done well. When we have a certain amount of personal points we can be awarded a certificate. For earning 100 points we can receive a ‘Gold’ certificate that is awarded in assembly.

Brandon, Mary, Eddie, Ben and Sean were awarded their ‘Gold Certificates’ today. Congratulations!



  1. Jacky Blackmore Said,

    March 3, 2014@ 12:35 pm      Reply

    Fantastic news about Brandon, Mary, Eddie, Ben and Sean receiving thier Gold certificates. Well done to you all.

  2. Tracy Donegan Said,

    March 3, 2014@ 4:23 pm      Reply

    Well done to all of you very special children, we are all proud of you

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