Larch and Kingfishers Classes

Billy and Blue

Each week we have our horse riding lessons. In our lessons we are able to develop our ‘core strength’ and build up our tummy, leg and arm muscles. This helps us in other activities back at school such as sitting on chairs correctly, balancing and other skills necessary in PE and sports. Not only do we learn to ride our horses, we also learn how to care for them. This includes how to show respect for the horses.

Here is Billy showing how much he cares about ‘Blue’!



  1. Jacky Blackmore Said,

    February 10, 2014@ 1:53 pm      Reply

    I can see that Billy is really fond of Blue. What a great partnership!

  2. Tracy Donegan Said,

    March 3, 2014@ 4:40 pm      Reply

    I just love this picture!

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