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Gold certificates

In our school, we can be awarded personal points for following the Golden Rules, for trying our best and for being noticed for something we have done well. When we have a certain amount of personal points we can be awarded a certificate. For earning 100 points we can receive a ‘Gold’ certificate that is […]

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Hola! Spanish Cooking

We have been finding out about the European country of Spain. We have discovered where Spain is in Europe and the countries and islands that are joined or near by. We have looked at the Spanish flag and found out about traditional foods of Spain. We had a go at making some Spanish foods and […]

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Estimating Measures

In Maths this week, we have been looking at capacity and weight. We have been practicing our ‘estimating’ skills. Our first challenge was to estimate how many cups of water would fill the 2 litre bottle. We decided that the closest ‘estimation’ should win a prize. Well done to Chelsea who guessed exactly 11 cups! […]


The School We’d Like Competition – Update

We are delighted to report that Liss Junior’s entry has been selected to go through to the national final of the Guardian Teacher Network and Zurich Municipal The School We’d Like competition. To read more please visit:


LJS has Talent 2014

On the last day of half term, we held one of our traditional annual events. It has to be one of my favourites too! The School Council holds their Talent Show every year, and it gives people, young and old from across the school, a chance to shine. Our potential ‘Stars’ have to get through […]

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Fractions in Maths

We have been working hard in maths solving multiplication and division problems. Following this we have looked at fractions. We found out that the bottom number in a fraction is linked to how many to divide by. We practiced our new skills, solving some difficult challenges! We found some equipment helpful in our mathematical investigations!

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Mr Eddy’s Singing Lessons

We have been very lucky to have Mr Eddy working with us to help us develop our singing skills. We have had a lot of fun learning funny songs that Mr Eddy has taught us. By learning these songs we have been able to sing ’rounds’ and change our voices to different pitches. We are […]


Well done to HG! They’ve earned their Class Treat!

I am very pleased to tell you that the children have been working extremely hard and have earned all their class credits for their class treat! The children have chosen their treat and would like to bring their scooters in to school for a ‘scooter’ session on the playground. This will be the morning of […]

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Billy and Blue

Each week we have our horse riding lessons. In our lessons we are able to develop our ‘core strength’ and build up our tummy, leg and arm muscles. This helps us in other activities back at school such as sitting on chairs correctly, balancing and other skills necessary in PE and sports. Not only do […]

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More Weather in Makaton

This week’s makaton continues with our weather theme. Please click on the links below to see short demonstration clips; Sun Rainbow   Snow Clouds


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