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We’re ‘Super Kids’!

In HG, we are following a new programme called ‘Super Kids’:                                                      minset picture

Self-esteem, communication skills, positive thinking, healthy friendships, and dealing with anger, stress, anxiety and grief are all crucial parts of being resilient and having strong life skills. Promoting resilience in the classroom, helps children view themselves as a learner when faced with challenging tasks. This programme aims to provide children with the skills and emotional tools to handle life events.

We are following this programme, which begins with a comic story of a meteor of positive energy landing on Earth with the power to change a person into the ‘super hero’ opposite of what they were before. So far we have met 2 Super Hero’s in the programme – ‘Steemy’ who helps us think about things we are good at and think positively about the things we are not so good at. ‘Link’ is helping us think about communication skills.

This is us trying out facial expressions matched to 3 emotions – Passive, aggressive,

We thought about some top tips for changing negative thoughts into positives:

Ella says – “Get the bad things out of your head and think of good things”.

Brandon says – “You’ll always be bigger and better than someone else in the world at something”.

Charlie says – “Don’t be sad about things you’re bad at. Remember all the things you are good at”.

We will be posting more ‘top tips’ in the future!

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  1. Jacky Blackmore Said,

    January 19, 2014@ 12:52 pm      Reply

    Wow! You’ve come up with some really great ideas for thinking positively.

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