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European Cars

Eddie has been inspired by the different makes of cars that are manufactured across Europe. Eddie researched which cars are made in France and Germany. He made some collages to represent the countries. Have a look!


Bonjour! Voulez vous un Croque Monsieur?

In HG this week, we began to find out about France. We have looked at facts about France and made a ‘fact file’. We compared traditional foods of France to traditional foods of England, we found out about the capital city and famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower. We also worked out that the population […]

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We’re ‘Super Kids’!

In HG, we are following a new programme called ‘Super Kids’:                                                       Self-esteem, communication skills, positive thinking, healthy friendships, and dealing with anger, stress, anxiety and grief are all […]

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Traditions of England – Breakfast!

We have began our new topic this week. We are learning about Europe. Our learning journey will be taking us through some of the different countries of Europe, finding out facts and traditions about the country as we go. This week we began our journey in Great Britain. We found out about the 4 countries […]

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East Hants Parent Group

Please see below 2 flyers that give information about 2 support groups that may be of interest to you. 1 group is being held in Hindhead and 1 in Petersfield. Please do contact Sally on the email or phone number below if you are interested or wish to know more.


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