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Moving On! – Activity Pack for Year 6

Moving On! Student Activity Pack

I have recently purchased the above book and teacher’s guide from the charity ‘I Can’. This is a resource designed to support our youngsters through a smooth transition in to the next stage of their education. We will be using some of the activities in this book with our Year 6 children later in the year. The transition from primary to secondary school marks an important stage in a child’s school career and can be a challenging time for all children. Moving On! supports all children to feel safe and secure by understanding their new environment, the changes to routine and teaching styles.

Two fictional teachers and two Year 7 children guide the child through key information, top tips, and activities based on: getting to know the school, timetables, transport, friendships, concerns and key words and phrases. This resource can be purchased from the “I Can” webstie;

Included in each pack is a set of passport reminder cards. Children may complete these cards with important information about their new school. A wallet is provided to keep the cards safe. This can also be used as a travel pass, cash card or lunch card holder.

You can download a free sample from the website page when you click on the following links ‘Getting to and from school activity page‘ with ‘Passport reminder card‘. This activity helps children plan their school journey for themselves, remember what time school starts and how long the journey takes as well as giving many other helpful tips.

If you would like to look at a copy of this resource in school, please let me know.  Mrs Green.


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